Best Jeans for Big Belly and Skinny Legs 2022 (Updated)

Jeans for Big Belly and Skinny Jeans

You must be wondering, are you the only one, who has to face this complexity. The body complexity of having the apple shape posture. Well, my dear, you are not alone in this. As there are several other babies, including me. So consider me your friend in this regard and as a friend, I am here to give you the ultimate solution to this problem.

You must have faced this issue of sizing and fitting of jeans if you have the same apple-like shape, as is mine. But don’t worry, here in this guide, I will be explaining everything to you, from beginning to end. Literally, everything and answers to all those questions that I was searching, when I was just a college girl at your age.

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Common Jean problems with Big Belly and Skinny Legs

There are several reasons for having this complex posture of Big Belly and Skinny Jeans: and trust me, it is with many people around. So, you are not alone here. With such a body, if you wear ordinary jeans, that means you are welcoming (I would say) warm welcoming, to some of these very prominent and big problems to your style and fashion. These problems are:

You will have a very baggy dressing with the ordinary jeans. When you wear the normal jeans on your Big Belly and Skinny Legs, the first problem that you encounter is the disproportion of your body measurements. While your waist is more than normal, and your legs are skinnier, as relevant to your waist. You end up usually with the miscalculated jeans.

And unfortunately, you have to purchase jeans with a big waist. What happens next? It fits your waist but gives a very Baggy and bad appearance to the whole of your legs. And trust me, I wanted to break my mirror for this. Until I found the solutions or I would say Hacks for these problems. Read How you can increase your jeans waist size at home.

The second issue that you may have with your ordinary jeans is that, for keeping a balance between your legs and waist, you can end up with something more tight and fit. It will then start creating pain for you. And this is where the phrase “pain in the ass” becomes literally true.

Your body is stuck and your movements are hindered. You feel like your upper thighs and hips are badly stuck into the denim of your jeans and you don’t have any way out.

Summing up the problems, they are:

  1. Baggy Legs
  2. Pain in the waist
  3. Difficulty in walking
  4. Always the fear of tearing your jean stitches
  5. Badly fashioned dressing

It always creates a problem, selecting and choosing among the best and appropriate sizes for your jeans.

But there is nothing to worry about. As where there are problems, there are solutions too. And solutions are right here:

How can you solve this problem?

Well, there is no strict solution to this problem. As no brand (to my knowledge) has yet introduced some proper series of jeans for a big belly and skinny jeans. And even if they are, they have taken this thing literally too serious that they have ruined the whole style.

But with my experience of hunting the best jeans for me, I have come across some products that are best and can be worn easily, by women like me. I mean you.

The solution is to find a jean that has a perfect measurement for a big belly and skinny legs. But what are those jeans? and how to find them? Leave it to me.

In the upcoming part of this writing, I am leaving some reviews regarding the best of such jeans that are branded and are also available easily in the market as well as online stores. You can use the Table of Content (TOC) to jump directly to the section (It is in the sidebar).

I have divided these jeans, further into categories, like these.

How To Dress Big Belly Skinny Legs?

It’s not always about what you wear, more than how you wear it. And for the people who want to dress big belly skinny legs, this notion is very true. The formula is: you wear a dress that boosts your beauty features and reduces the dislikening parts. If you have mass around your waist and thin legs, then you are an apple shape body. To dress the apple shape body, you have to flatter the midsection while focusing on the legs.

Apart from that, you can also wear slimming shapewear or a well-fitting bra.

For People having a big belly and skinny legs specifically, you must wear a high waistline to hide your tummy. In addition to that, wearing straight-leg or wide-leg jeans will give you a lot better appearance as compared to slim-fit or skinny jeans.

Look for the shirts and tops that drape over your tummy and hide it. You can also wear some vertical patterned shirts to add the perception of height and make your belly look slimmer. Add details to your neck, like wearing V-neck or open scoop. Also, you can wear some jewelry around your neck. According to the footwear experts of adding some attractive shoes and knees will also add to the distraction from your tummy.

1. Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans for Big Stomach and Skinny Legs

Jeans for Big Belly and Skinny Jeans

Gloria is one of American’s top-rated clothing brands that has been making some stunning jeans for women. Their jeans are of high quality, with the proper essence of fashion and durability. The high quality of Gloria can be easily predicted from the No of sales that they are making. To date, they have sold more than 65Million pairs of jeans to customers like us.

Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans is also one of those high-quality jeans having high rise and tapered legs. If you have no idea, what high rise and tapered leg are. Refer to this easy and beginner guide to Jeans Types, and All About Tapered Jeans. These jeans come with great size variation and quality, with strong stitching.

Features of Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans

The Jeans have some of the best features including:

  • 73% Cotton, 25% Polyester, and 2% Spandex. 
  • Imported Quality
  • Zipped Closure 
  • Machine Washable

Additional Features

Apart from these traditional features that can be found easily with most of the jeans. The best features of these jeans, that stood it out and I personally liked them a lot, were that they are machine washable. Secondly, these jeans are so versatile in a fashion that it can go with any of your tops. 

Benefits of Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans

Talking about benefits, these jeans have a lot of benefits. These jeans give the Original Fitting Solution so that it easily fits your hip and waist, no matter what your size is. You don’t need to worry about extra muffin tops, because these jeans fit very organically and naturally to your body. 

The fabric quality is a mixture of Cotton and Spandex, and they join hands to ensure good quality, with relaxation and durability of your jeans.

The legs of these jeans are tapered that gives an extra appearance of fitting to the legs. As we discussed the benefits of Tapered leg jeans here. These jeans are the best to avail all of those benefits. 

You can wear these jeans anywhere at your home, party, formal dressing, shopping, grocery, or just beating the fashion, among all those kitty party friends of yours. 

Available Sizes

Regular Size

Waist: 27-38 
Hip: 35-46.5 

Plus Size 

Waist: 35-49 
Hip: 45-59

2. TwiinSisters Women’s Jeans

Jeans for Big Belly and Skinny Jeans

Well, this is another product to give you a stunning sports experience. The TwiinSisters Women’s Jeans Joggers are the best and truly unique pants for those, who love their body and have the ambition of doing exercise every day. Though it is not confined to only exercising persons, as commando trousers are not only worn by commandoes, the same goes for these jeans. The point of attraction is that, these jeans are the best ones for your big belly and skinny legs. Let’s see how it fulfills the function that we are looking for. 

Features of TwiinSister Jeans 

  • 97% cotton and 3% Spandex 
  • Zipper Closure 
  • Imported Quality 
  • Machine Washable 

Additional Features 

Apart from the normal features, there are some additional benefits that these jeans hold. These jeans have 2 roomy pockets at front, and also Cargo pockets one at each side. Thus with these jeans, you don’t need to worry a lot about space management. Another interesting feature of these jeans is that they have extra stitching at the back. Why is that so? To increase the reliability and give you an extra layer of trust and a strong hug to your back. 

Benefits of TwiinSisters Women Jeans 

TwiinSisters Women Jeans are high-waist jeans, that give extra coverage to your waist and thus give a risen shape to your back. These jeans come with a stretchy fabric, as it is made up of such fabric that just holds your legs firmly, but with comfort. You can use these for your long walks, along with your favourite joggers. 

Whatever the figure you have, either it’s curvy or not, these jeans will fit perfectly to your body. The button closure aids more to make it really fit and proper to your body. Another thing that I liked most was the stylish and trendy side strip that gives an extra tip of style and confidence. 

The fabric quality is pretty tough and durable as it doesn’t fade away, even after strong washing. The fabric doesn’t fade or stretch. I would say, it is an all-rounder four-season jeans, that can work anytime around the year. 

Sizes Available 

Size ranges from Small to 3x. So pretty much an option for you to choose from. 

3. Lee Uniform’s Women Plus size Jeans

Usually, the problem with most jeans is that, if they fit your waist, they fall short in length. And if you go for the other option, the jeans become baggy on the legs. It usually happens with those having Big Belly and Skinny legs. In this case, you need jeans that is made up of exactly the best material that suits you. Lee Uniform’s Women Plus Size Jeans are made up of cotton (71%), polyester(25%), and spandex(4%). This fabric combination makes it the most relaxing jeans, in which you can move easily and will not feel suffocating, even if you wear them continuously for a long day.

This jean has a big elastic waist with mid-rise size. The mid-rise size gives the perfect fitting around your waist and hips. Lee Uniform’s Jean is a match for every season and every time, with any of the dresses, either it’s party wear or regular dress.

Features of Lee Uniform’s Jeans

  • Slim Fit Sculpting design
  • 70% cotton, 25% Polyester, and 4% Spandex
  • Elastic waistband
  • Mid-rise
  • Pockets at front and back


With Lee Uniform’s jeans, they fit you very well around your body. It has a slim and fit sculpting design that just hugs your legs. With its elastic waistband, it gives more space and eases while wearing. The Pull-on closure helps it to make it easy for putting on and off. The fabric quality is so matched and perfectly made to give the best wearing experience to the skinny legs and big thighs. You won’t feel any incomfortability regarding fitting, movement and suffocation in these jeans.

Sizes available

  • Petite: 16 – 30
  • Long: 16-30

4. Curvify Jeans for Extra Belly and Skinny Legs

If you are one of those really obsessed with the hip and bum girl, you must check these Jeans. Curvify jeans will give a complete package of attraction, with style and class. With these jeans, you don’t need to go to the gym and do hard workouts and medical surgeries to keep your figure maintained. These jeans are stitched in such a way that they naturally pull your hips up and give that sexy appearance to you.

There are no pockets at the back, which again boost the appearance. Also, the waist bean of Curvify jeans is high and made specifically to boost the figure and curves.


  • Brazilian Style jeans
  • Stretching fabric quality
  • Lifted crescent shape to boost your bum
  • No pockets at the back

Additional Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of Curvify Jeans is that you will get your bum lifted very naturally. There are no pockets at the back which makes it more attractive. The overall Brazilian style of these jeans can transform your Big Belly and Skinny legs into something more sexy and curvy.

Available Sizes

The jeans are available in the size ranging from 26″ to 38″

5. Hybrid & Co. Women Jeans for Skinny Legs

Jeans for Big Belly and Skinny Jeans

Hybrid & Co. are truly hybrid as they offer comfort and reliability both in a single jeans. If you are a comfort-loving person who just loves the ease as well as flexible and stretchy jeans, then these jeans are absolutely for you. The Hybrid & Co. Women Jeans are such that they will naturally lift your but up. Moreover, if you are one of those, having skinny legs with a big belly, then these jeans are going to help you a lot. In other words, these jeans are the figure maker and you won’t have to go an extra hour in the gym for your butt.

Even though you are a gym person and working on your figure, still these jeans are the best ones for you. As its elasticity and flexibility will facilitate you comfortably in your movements.


  • Smooth and soft quality fabric.
  • Gives an attractive shape to your belly, thighs, hips and legs.
  • High-Rise Jeans
  • Specially designed for athletic or gym women.
  • Available in big range of colors. Check colors here.


One of the greatest benefit with the Hybrid & Co. jeans is that they hug your legs and give you a very delicate feeling of comfort. Moreover, these jeans are made up of Spandex, which makes them more flexible and elastic. You will feel like wearing the Yoga Pants. This jeans can go with different dressing styles and can be a part of your wardrobe for all the seasons.

Available Sizes

The size for Hybrid & Co. Women jeans ranges from 24″ to 34″ in waist.

Some Important Things to Consider While Purchasing Jeans for Big Belly and Skinny Legs

Its not that a particular brand of product will surely fit you for your Big Belly and Skinny legs. Sometimes it works, as I have given some of them above. But it is not necessary that everytime it happens. That is why, apart from those products, I am also giving you some other things that you MUST consider in any of the jeans, if you are the one with large stomach and thin legs.

If you want to lift your butt

If you love the rise butt and due to some fat around your thighs, you have lost your figure. Don’t need to worry as you can manage it very well. While having some of the jeans like the Curvify Jeans. These jeans will help you to naturally lift your butt. You can wear them while also working on your butt (I mean burning some calories).

Another good option, if you are also working hard every day on your butt and love the comfort, you can choose Hybrid & Co. Jeans. These jeans are pretty much like the Yoga pants, that will give you comfort as well as fit you perfectly.

If you are pregnant

We all know what to wear when we are pregnant. But before shifting to the maternity clothes, you can have some Big Belly Jeans, that will help you to manage through these days. If you want to go specifically, you can choose Motherhood Maternity Jeans. These jeans will help you to preserve your style as well as give you comfort. These jeans are specifically made while keeping your comfort in mind. That is why the built quality is of 55% Cotton, 31% Viscose, 7% Modal, 6% Polyester, 1% Spandex.

These jeans come in different 5 different styles. You can choose them from here.

If you are an exercise person

If you got that big belly which is okay. These are the phases of life. The main thing is to work on it regularly. And you are working on it, day and night. While being into the existing shape, in which you are already. You still need to look stylish. That is why you need something more of exercise taste and also fit you perfectly, for your needs.

In that case, if you have a Big Belly and Skinny Legs and are also into exercise and gym, these two products would be the best for you.

Hybrid & Co. Women Jeans.These jeans are comfortable, and look like Yoga pants. The appearance, built and quality perfectly adapts for the exercising freak in you.
TwiinSisters Women JeansHigh-Rise stretchable and comfortable jeans, with a big variety of colors and shades to choose from.

If you are purchasing a Cotton Jeans

One of the most common problems that many of the people face is Cotton Shrinkage. It happens that the cotton jeans that we purchase; if they are very fit at the time of purchase, they are definitely going to shrink with time. So, take care of this always as you don’t want your newly bought jeans to be wasted.

Still, In case you are already facing the shrinkage of your jeans and want to loosen them at home, you can check this another article by me. Read Some easy ways to stretch your tight jeans at home.

Big Belly Skinny Legs Jeans; FAQs

Can I wear high-waisted jeans if I have a big belly and skinny legs?

It’s better to avoid wearing high rise or high waisted jeans if you have big belly and skinny legs. When you wear high rise jeans, the waist band rests on or above your navel, which means your while body part below the navel, is going to be visible very properly.

And that’s what you are trying to avoid. We don’t want to show our big belly and that is why, mid or low rise jeans are considered a better option. But still, if you want to pair your jeans with some long top or shirt, you can wear high rise jeans as well.

Can I wear skinny jeans if I have a big belly and skinny legs?

Wearing skinny jeans if you have a big belly and skinny legs, won’t be a great idea to do. Let me tell you why? Because skinny jeans will make your legs more visible. This is good generally, but in your case, you don’t want to look misbalanced with your body, because when your legs will be visible, at the same time your mid-section will also be visible, which you don’t want to show.

So, that is why, Skinny jeans are not considered by those, who have a big belly and skinny legs. Yes, you can pair them with some tops of longer length. In that case, they will be perfect to go with.


Jeans are new style trends. Everyone wishes to wear them and if you are unable to, because of your body; Don’t need to worry because I have gathered a list of some best quality jeans that may suit you perfectly for your body type. These jeans are multi-fashion and go with different boots and shirts. You can choose anyone from then and have your requirement of style, class, comfort and ease, fulfilled.

Let me know if it helped you in any way.

Until next post, Bye bye <3

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