Dad Jeans Vs Mom Jeans – Comparison Table With Images

Being a jeans enthusiast, I’m always looking for newer and trendier jeans styles to wear. My friends also speak highly of my dressing style and particularly appreciate the jeans I wear. Hence, I try to keep my wardrobe updated with the latest jeans styles. And 2023 is all about dad jeans and mom jeans.

While I own dad jeans and mom jeans, I’ve always wanted to understand the differences between these two and why they are named as such. Hence, I researched them and got to know the key distinction between dad jeans vs mom jeans, which I’ll be explaining in detail here.

Let’s get into the basics first.

Key Take Aways

  1. Dad jeans and mom jeans both have distinct characteristics that cater to different preferences and body types.
  2. Dad jeans feature a relaxed, slouchy fit with a lower waistline, while mom jeans have a higher waistline and a slightly tapered leg.
  3. Mom jeans accentuate feminine curves with a looser fit around the hips and thighs, offering a vintage-inspired look.
  4. Both styles prioritize comfort, with dad jeans typically made of lighter materials like cotton and mom jeans often featuring minimal stretch.
  5. Dad jeans are versatile and pair well with simple pieces like a classic white shirt or hoodie for a laid-back, casual look.
  6. Mom jeans offer a range of styling options, from casual outfits with oversized sweaters to more polished looks with blazers and heels.
  7. Both dad jeans and mom jeans usually have tapered ankles, providing a balanced silhouette that complements various body types.
  8. Comfort is a shared feature of both styles, with dad jeans and mom jeans crafted from soft materials and offering ease of wear.
  9. While dad jeans prioritize a casual, relaxed aesthetic, mom jeans strike a balance between comfort and style, making them suitable for various occasions.

What are dad jeans?

Dad jeans, as the name suggest, feature a waist-high design with a relaxed fit, generously loose from the knees downward. They are ideal to be worn for casual outings and gatherings. Embracing a major fashion trend, they cater to both men and women, offering comfort paired with a timeless aesthetic.

Undoubtedly, dad jeans have gained popularity among celebrities, further fueling the excitement and attention surrounding this style. Whenever I feel like relaxing, I wear dad jeans.

Features of dad jeans

Dad jeans are the new cool in 2023 and they are trending for all the right reasons. Let’s explore their key features in detail.

  • Loose Fit: Dad jeans are known for their loose and comfortable fit, providing ample room around the hips and thighs. They steer away from the slim or skinny fit commonly found in contemporary styles.
  • High Waist: Similar to mom jeans, dad jeans typically have a higher waistline, sitting at or above the natural waist. This higher rise contributes to their retro aesthetic.
  • Straight Leg: Dad jeans commonly feature a straight leg or a slightly tapered leg, avoiding the more tailored or flared cuts. This straight silhouette is part of the classic and timeless appeal.
  • Classic Denim Wash: Dad jeans often come in traditional denim washes, such as medium to dark blue. These timeless washes contribute to the vintage and casual feel associated with this style.
  • Sturdy Fabric: Dad jeans often use a sturdy and durable denim fabric, reinforcing the idea of a reliable and practical garment.

What are mom jeans?

Mom jeans share the characteristics with dad jeans having a waist-high design and a relaxed fit, distinguishing themselves by being loose in the thighs and snugger around the legs. Mom jeans accentuate feminine curves. In the 90s and early 00s, mom jeans enjoyed widespread popularity, especially with the rise of the so-called “soccer moms.” Although the fashion trend subsided for a while, it has recently experienced a resurgence.

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Features of mom jeans

Want to know what are mom jeans? Understand their key features first. Here’s a snapshot of their features:

  • High Waist: Mom jeans typically have a higher waistline that sits above the natural waist. This is a key feature that distinguishes them from other styles.
  • Relaxed Fit: Mom jeans are known for their relaxed fit, especially around the hips and thighs. They provide a looser and more comfortable feel compared to skinny or slim-fit jeans.
  • Tapered Leg: While mom jeans have a relaxed fit in the hips and thighs, they often taper down towards the ankle. This creates a slightly baggy look without being excessively wide-legged.
  • Straight Leg: Mom jeans may have a straight or slightly tapered leg, avoiding the slim or flared cuts seen in other styles.
  • Minimal Stretch: Unlike some other jean styles that incorporate stretchy materials, mom jeans often have minimal stretch, contributing to a more structured and retro feel.

What is the difference between mom jeans and dad jeans?

FeatureMom JeansDad Jeans
Jeans style High-waisted tapered legMid-waisted 
Jeans outlookFeminineMasculine 
Jeans stylingPair well with blousePair well with white tee
Jeans fitTapered legStraight-leg 

Having grown up in the fashion era, I’m frequently called upon to delineate the distinctions between dad jeans vs mom jeans. While both styles have gained favor among the fashion-forward crowd, there are discernible variances between the two.

Different Jeans Style With Dad Jeans and Mom Jeans

Mom jeans typically feature a high-waisted, slightly baggy silhouette with a tapered leg and a cropped ankle. The waist of mom jeans often incorporates a subtle elasticity, delivering a comfortable and relaxed fit. Additionally, mom jeans exude a relaxed, vintage aesthetic, commonly crafted from sturdy materials like denim or corduroy.

Conversely, dad jeans generally adopt a more laid-back, slouchy fit. They are composed of lighter materials such as cotton, dad jeans boast looser, tapered legs. The waistline of dad jeans tends to be lower than that of mom jeans, contributing to a more relaxed and comfortable feel.

In a nutshell, Mom Jeans lean towards a classic, vintage style, while Dad Jeans prioritize comfort and functionality.

Different Jeans outlook With Mom Jeans and Dad Jeans

Dad jeans are often considered more on the masculine side, with their longer and looser fit. Unfortunately, this style may not be the best choice for women looking for a snug fit. On the flip side, mom jeans have gained popularity among women, and it’s not hard to see why! They’re loved for their flattering design, featuring a higher waistline and narrower legs compared to dad jeans. It’s all about finding the perfect fit and style that makes you feel confident!

Difference Between the Fit of Dad Jeans and Mom Jeans

Mom jeans represent a more tailored take on dad jeans. Unlike the relaxed fit of traditional straight-leg jeans and the snug fit of skinny jeans, mom jeans strike a balance. They offer a looser fit than both styles, providing comfort without hugging the body as closely as skinny jeans do.

Versatility in Styling Of Mom Jeans and Dad Jeans

Dad jeans are versatile and pair well with simple pieces like a classic white shirt or white sneakers. While cuffing the pant legs is a common style choice, it’s not a must. These jeans are designed to be your go-to in any season, offering a laid-back and timeless look.

Similar to dad jeans, mom jeans offer great versatility in styling. Pair them with a stylish skirt, a casual short-sleeved polo, or a chic blouse. Complete your look with flats, boots, or sneakers—mom jeans go well. One of the fantastic features of jeans, especially blue ones, is their color neutrality. You can effortlessly pull off jeans with light or vibrant colors, and they complement well with a simple plaid pattern or a stylish blue or olive shirt.

What are the similarities between dad jeans vs mom jeans?

Well, it’s also important to highlight the similarities in dad jeans vs mom jeans to truly understand them. Take a look for yourself.

Both Are Comfortable Wear

Whether you opt for mom jeans or dad jeans, comfort is a shared feature. Crafted from soft materials and equipped with user-friendly zippers, both styles ensure ease in putting them on and taking them off.

Both Have Tapered Ankles

Both mom jeans and dad jeans sport tapered ankles, a style embraced by both men and women. This versatile design complements various body types, creating an illusion of height or showcasing shorter proportions based on individual preferences.

Both Are Usually Loose Fit

Embracing a loose-fitting design, both mom jeans and dad jeans prioritize comfort. The distinction lies in mom jeans having a more tapered fit, enhancing the waistline for a flattering look.

How to style dad jeans?

Dad jeans are all about embracing the casual cool. These can be worn to a friends get-together. You can style dad jeans in various ways such as,

Dad jeans with a button-down shirt

Dad jeans and a button-down shirt  is a classic outfit that you can wear in any setting. This look is perfect for a night out, as well as everyday errands. Your button-down shirt should be long enough to cover your hips, but not so long that it looks tacked on.

Dad jeans with a hoodie

You’ll have a lot of fun with this look. The dad jeans are totally comfortable and the hoodie is an easy piece to throw on when you want to look casual but still show some style. This look is great for those who want to be stylish but don’t want to spend a ton of time doing it in the morning.

Rocking dad jeans outfit for women

Unleash your inner rockstar with the edgy charm of rocking dad jeans outfits for women! These high-waisted, relaxed-fit denims bring a touch of rebellion and casual coolness to your wardrobe. Picture this: a band tee tucked into your favorite pair of distressed dad jeans, accompanied by a leather jacket and ankle boots for that unmistakable rocker chic look. Add some statement accessories like studded belts or layered necklaces to complete the ensemble.

How to style mom jeans?

Like dad jeans, you can also style your mom jeans differently. These are ideal for running daily errands and making a quick trip to the grocery store. Here’s how,

Mom Jeans Casual Outfits

Mom jeans casual outfits are the epitome of comfort meets style! These high-waisted jeans not only embrace your curves but also bring a cool, laid-back vibe to any look. Picture this: a cozy oversized sweater tucked into your favorite pair of mom jeans, paired with some white sneakers or ankle boots. It’s the perfect blend of retro charm and contemporary coolness.

Whether you’re strolling through the park or grabbing coffee with friends, mom jeans casual outfits effortlessly radiate that effortlessly chic and relaxed feel.

Mom jeans with a blazer

Mom jeans are best worn with a blazer. A blazer is a great way to dress up mom jeans and make them look more professional. You can also wear the blazer over other items like a shirt, sweater, or even a tank top. This way you can be comfortable while still looking put-together.

Mom jeans with heels

If you want to dress up your mom jeans, try pairing them with heels. This will balance out their looser fit, while still allowing them to be comfortable enough with your feet and legs moving around freely in the shoe. You can also opt for tall boots or strappy sandals.

Mom jeans aesthetic outfit ideas

Dive into the world of mom jeans aesthetic. Elevate your style with these versatile denim darlings by pairing them with a vintage band tee and chunky sneakers for an effortlessly cool vibe. Alternatively, embrace a soft and feminine aesthetic by teaming mom jeans with a pastel-colored blouse and some dainty accessories. Don’t forget the oversized sunglasses and a messy bun for that extra touch of chic.

Who do mom jeans look best on?

Mom jeans, with their relaxed fit and typically higher waistline, work well for pear, hourglass, and rectangle body shapes by providing balance and complementing the curves. However, for apple or inverted triangle shapes, where the upper body is broader than the lower body, mom jeans may not be as flattering since they can add volume to the hip and thigh area. 

How can you tell if jeans are mom jeans?

Mom jeans are typically characterized by a higher waistline, relaxed fit around the hips and thighs, and a tapered or straight leg. They often offer a comfortable, slightly baggy look with minimal stretch, harking back to classic denim styles. The key features include their vintage-inspired denim washes, avoiding extreme flares or skinny cuts.

While these characteristics generally define mom jeans, variations exist across brands and designers. Checking for a higher waist, relaxed fit, and classic denim elements can help identify this nostalgic and comfortable denim style.

The Bottom Line

I hope you may now truly understand the differences between dad jeans vs mom jeans. While both jeans are pretty similar, it depends on your preferences and taste. Both dad jeans and mom jeans are trending in 2023 and are here to stay. 


Are Dad jeans in style?

Yes, dad jeans are trending in 2023 due to the rising trend of relaxed-fit jeans worldwide.

Are mom jeans still in style?

Mom jeans are loved for their tapered straight-leg design among women. Hence, they are trending.

Who wears mother jeans?

Mother or mom jeans look best on pear-shaped individuals. However, anyone can wear these jeans.

Are mom jeans always high-waisted?

Yes, mom jeans are high-waisted, helping flatter your curves.

Do men wear mom jeans?

Fashion knows no limits. Men can rock mom jeans as these are relaxed-fit jeans.

Are dad jeans supposed to be loose?

Dad jeans feature a loose relaxed-fit design.

Should mom jeans be loose or tight?

Mom jeans fall on the looser side.

Do the baggy dad jeans stretch?

Dad jeans are made of non-stretch material. Hence, they don’t stretch.

Are mom jeans tight fitting?

Mom jeans are neither too tight nor too loose that they constrict you.

What is the difference between dad jeans and normal jeans?

Dad jeans sit higher than normal jeans. They also feature a straight-leg relaxed-fit design.

Should mom jeans be tight on thighs?

Mom jeans may be a little tighter on thighs to accentuate your curves.

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