The Guy’s Guide To Slim Fit Jeans

Slim fitting clothing for men certainly isn’t a new idea. Every generation has seen trends come and go that have men wearing hip-hugging, form-fitting, button-busting styles that only fit certain body types (questionably at that!).

There is something about a great fit that has a slimming effect for any body type.

I know, I know. This probably isn’t the first time you guys have heard that you should try out a slim fit jeans. And every time you’re shoved in the dressing room with a pair of “skinny” jeans it becomes a battle to put on — and then quickly peel off — jeans that turn your legs into two twigs poking out from underneath that now-highlighted gut you’ve been meaning to work on.

Here’s the good news —

Slim fitting jeans don’t have to be tight, and they definitely don’t have to be uncomfortable.

The common mistake a lot of guys make is thinking that finding a slimmer fit means buying a smaller size or shopping in the Teen section of your significant other’s favorite department store.

Most times this method will never help you find something that actually fits well, though, just something that fits tighter. And we all know by now that tighter doesn’t necessarily mean better.

The right slim cut is something that still fits. The top button should button easily, you shouldn’t have to jump up and down to get them put on, and when you’re in them they should be comfortable.

The right slim-cut just gets rid of the extra fabric and extra room you don’t need. It shaves off enough fabric to keep comfortable jeans from looking sloppy and oversized and it leaves you with a slimmer-looking silhouette, which I don’t think anyone is complaining about!

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With denim becoming our go-to for more and more occasions (think: work wardrobe, date night), slim fits have become much more popular. Our more formal wardrobe is often more tailored to our body shape and designed to be more flattering.

This means that, as we start to work denim into these looks, we should take a similar approach. A slim fitting jean looks great with a sleeker, dressier shoe and looks more “put-together” with a tucked in shirt, sweater or jacket.

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And while this is one of many reason slim fits are gaining in popularity, they’re being embraced even in casual wardrobes for the same reason —

Slim fitting jeans just look good, no matter the occasion.

We are used to feeling a little less comfortable when we are dressed up, but when we are casually dressed for the weekend or an evening out with our family or friends we just want to feel good. This is generally where guys get tired of feeling stuffed into clothes that make it feel like they can’t move.

Denim has come a long way though, and with improvements to the fabric like we’ve seen in Jeans for Fat Guys, we’ve found ways to make jeans with a bit less room just as comfortable.

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