How To Fix Ripped Jeans That Ripped Too Much

Whatever the personality you have. But having a trend and style in jeans is a must for almost all people. Like recently we are seeing a spike in the trend of distressed jeans and I think almost all modern people like distressed jeans. And if you damage such high demand and high in-fashion jeans by maybe some mistake or we can say, accidentally. That is going to be really sad. But even in that case, you don’t need to worry because you can easily fix ripped jeans are mendable. You can easily fix your ripped jeans that are too ripped.

Before discarding your lovely jeans. There are certain very efficient and careful ways to repair those accidentally made holes in your jeans. Let’s explore some of them here:

Key Take Aways

  1. Ripped jeans can often be repaired with techniques like patching or sewing, depending on the damage.
  2. Distressed jeans have surged in popularity during the pandemic, offering a comfortable yet stylish option.
  3. High-waisted ripped jeans are flattering for those with big tummies, providing a slimming effect.
  4. Methods like using a sewing machine or iron-on patches can effectively fix ripped jeans.
  5. Hand stitching and embroidery offer personalized ways to repair ripped jeans without sewing.
  6. Frayed edge designs and denim embroidery can enhance the aesthetic appeal of ripped jeans.
  7. Repairing ripped back pockets and knees involves stitching and applying denim patches for durability.

Can Ripped Jeans Be Repaired?

Yes, ripped jeans can be repaired, depending on the extent of the damage. If the rip is relatively small or located in an inconspicuous area, it’s usually easier to fix. However, even larger or more noticeable tears can often be repaired with the right tools and techniques. So, before you say goodbye to your beloved jeans, consider trying one of the following methods to give them a second life.

The Recent Trends in Jeans and Covid-19 Restrictions

 Well now as the Covid layers are a bit lowered in spike and we are seeing a drop-down in fear and people are more interested in spending time with their loved ones in parks and streets. So, the feeling is really special and it becomes more special when we add an extra topping for beautiful stylish jeans that we wear. 

Benefit of Ripped Jeans

With Pandemic the attitude in wearing has become more comfortable and people are tending to be more comfy and casual with their styling as compared to style and fashion. Fashion plus discomfort is not for this era. Going to a local grocery store or having a small get-together in your dining hall with your colleagues, all involve a casual combination of style and dress. 

A perfect combination is the one that hits the nail in the head. You have a perfect blend of style and fashion. I prefer the following things while choosing jeans or any kind of dress for myself:

  1. Fashionable 
  2. Unorthodox
  3. Creative and Crafty
  4. Eye Catching

Distressed and Ripped jeans fall perfectly into this category. They are fashionable, creative, crafty, eye-catching and most importantly, they are trendy. Whatever your age is, I am seeing women of all ages, wearing these distressed jeans with all confidence and comfort, together. 

If you are a plus size, even then the Ripped Distressed jeans can help you with styling yourself. 

Want to read more about Plus Size Jeans? Here’s our another article about Best Fit Jeans for Big Tummy.

How to Wear High Waist-Jeans with a Big Tummy? 

Ripped Denim is also considered as “Jeans of Youngsters” by many. Although these jeans are universal and almost everyone is wearing them around. But if you are someone with a big tummy and are feeling shy while wearing ripped jeans, you should go for the combination of high waist jeans that ARE ALSO RIPPED.

A looser fitting with jeans can make you feel comfortable if you are talking about wearing jeans at home. The specialty of High Rise jeans is that they are flattering and lift up your body to make it more visible. Also, when you wear high-rise jeans, (and also if you have a big tummy) you really need to look taller to cover your length and for that, high rise is going to help you a lot. 

High Rise jeans increase the overall perception of length and thus make you look slimmer and taller. The magic is simple and is also explained here in our another article: 

 How High Rise Jeans Can Make You Look Taller? 

So the conclusion is: You can easily wear them to cover your extra added layer of fat that you might have added in the recent years of lockdown. 

Some more additional dressing priorities to consider while wearing high rise jeans can be: 

  • Wear simple plain and light colored jackets
  • Printed Tops (floral prints)
  • Earrings and neck jewellery
  • Scarves
  • Other colorful vibrant accessories

All these creative tricks are aiming to hide your waistline and extra fat to make you look more slimmer and give you an extra inch(es) of length so that overall your style and utility all goes hand in hand, together. 

How To Fix Ripped Jeans

Ripped and Distressed denim were once considered something related to hard working workers. But now the trend has changed drastically and who knew this thing would become a fashion iconic trend in denim. Today, all big stars and celebrities are wearing them and are setting trends for the public.

Also another variation in the same i.e. Tomgirl Jeans or Mom Jeans are also becoming a very hot topic of debate. Whether you should wear the cropped legs or rolled legs. All these join together and give you a naturally stylistic look. 

All these are really good looking and creative, but what if some of those ripped parts, you rip them more, unintentionally or accidentally. That’s where the real concern starts and that’s what I am addressing now here. 

Even though you got some rips on your jeans. It can be that the position of those rips are such that they don’t disturb the overall posture of jeans and in fact make them look more cool. For example if they are on: 

  • Horizontal on your jeans
  • Not too wide and open
  • On your Front of pockets, hips or knees.

These are the places where these ripping work and look better. 

How to Fix Ripped Jeans Belt Loop?

Repairing a ripped belt loop on your jeans is a straightforward DIY task that can extend the life of your favorite denim. Begin by gathering the necessary materials, including a sturdy needle, matching thread, and fabric glue. Carefully align the torn edges of the belt loop, ensuring they match seamlessly. Use the needle and thread to stitch the loop back together with a strong, secure seam.

For added reinforcement, apply a small amount of fabric glue to the stitched area. Allow the glue to dry thoroughly before wearing the jeans again. This quick fix not only restores the functionality of your belt loop but also adds a personal touch to your denim maintenance routine, ensuring you can continue to rock your favorite jeans with confidence.

How to Fix Ripped Jeans Crotch DIY Tutorial

To fix crotch area, you need,

  • Denim Patch or Fabric
  • Seam Ripper or Small Scissors
  • Pins
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine (Optional)
  • Iron (Optional)
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Chalk or Fabric Marker (Optional)
  • Thimble (Optional)

Repairing a ripped crotch in your jeans can be easily done with a few simple steps. First, turn your jeans inside out and assess the extent of the tear. Using a seam ripper or small scissors, carefully remove any loose threads around the damaged area. Cut a piece of denim fabric or a denim patch to fit the size of the rip, ensuring it extends beyond the torn edges for proper coverage.

Place the denim patch on the inside of the jeans, aligning it with the ripped area. Pin the patch in place to secure it during the repair process. With a sewing machine or a sturdy needle and thread, stitch around the edges of the patch, creating a strong and secure seam. For added reinforcement, stitch a few lines diagonally across the patch.

Once the patch is securely attached, trim any excess fabric. Turn your jeans right side out, and voilà – you’ve successfully repaired the ripped crotch. This DIY tutorial not only salvages your favorite pair of jeans but also gives them a touch of character with a personalized touch. Flaunt your revamped denim confidently!

How to Cover Rips in Jeans? 

Your dress and their comfortability matters the most. Whatever the jeans you are wearing it should allow you to move freely around and give you breathing space. If you get your jeans ripped unintentionally then you may need some small arrangement to make them look perfect and usable. You need to repair the rips of jeans. There are several ways of doing that. But before proceeding further, let’s talk about the instruments that you are going to need to do this. 

Instrument you may require: 

  • A piece of similar denim cloth 
  • Sewing Machine
  • Hot Iron 
  • Scissors
  • Matching color Threads. 

05 Easy Methods of Fixing Ripped Jeans

If you are not sure about how to fix the extra opened hole or rip in your jeans. After adopting any of these 06 ways, you can easily achieve that. You can choose any one of them that suits you the best.

  1. Use a Sewing Machine to Patch the Denim Cloth from Inside

This method is going to help you for particularly larger as well as smaller holes or rips in your jeans. Take an extra denim part and place it under your denim. Remember that the patch should be of similar color. After placing it, fix it by using some pins or anything so that it holds its place. And then start sewing it. The fabric that you choose for sewing the patch should be of the same color and then stitch it in the same pattern so that it may not look odd. 

  1. Use Iron-on Denim Patch

This is I guess the best temporary way of hiding the hole in the ripped jeans, if you are rushing in a hurry and don’t have ample time to show your creativity. You can buy an iron-on denim patch that you can easily buy from anywhere. You just have to place it over the hole and it’s sticky side should be backwards. Use Iron to stick the patch and also you can sew the patch from its boundaries but for simple temporary working, an iron-on patch, simply, would work the best.

  1. Hand Stitch the Rip

Hand stitching is the best practice as it can help you do everything cleanly and customized as per what you want. For that, you have to use the fabric mending tape below and then make the same pattern patches on jeans. 

How to Fix The Ripped Jeans without Sewing? 

There are several ways, as some of them are already discussed above. But you maybe looking for some way that doesn’t require any hassle of stitching and in that case, you need to do following ways:

  1. You can use a fabric mending tape 
  2. You can use Darning Stitches
  3. Hand Stitching
  4. Embroidery

Embroidery is the best thing that you can do. Place an embroidery pattern on the rip and that’s where you come up with something totally utilitarian and creative. 

Minor rips at the front of your jeans are easy to handle. You can even sew them by hand.

  • Frayed Edge Design

You will need sandpaper, scissors, and tweezers.

  1. Gently sand the edges of the rip to create a frayed look.
  2. Use scissors to snip any loose threads.
  3. With tweezers, pull some horizontal threads to create a fringed effect.
  4. Turn a tear into a trendy distressed design element.
  • Denim Embroidery

You will need an embroidery floss, embroidery needle, hoop, and scissors.

  1. Select a complementary or contrasting embroidery thread color.
  2. Thread your needle with embroidery floss and knot the end.
  3. Stitch a decorative pattern or design over the rip.
  4. Transform your ripped jeans into a unique fashion statement with embroidery.

How to Fix Ripped Jeans Back Pocket?

Reviving ripped back pockets on your jeans is a simple yet effective DIY project. Begin by gathering supplies such as a needle, strong thread matching your jeans, and an iron-on denim patch or fabric swatch. First, align the torn edges of the back pocket, ensuring they match neatly. Stitch the pocket back together using a sturdy needle and thread, creating a tight seam for durability.

For added reinforcement and a polished finish, cut a piece of denim patch or fabric swatch to fit the pocket’s size and iron it on the inside. This step enhances the strength of the repair. Once completed, your mended back pocket not only restores functionality but also adds a touch of character to your well-loved denim.

Flaunt your revived jeans with pride, showcasing the uniqueness of your personalized repair work.

How to Fix Ripped Jeans Knee Ideas?

To mend a ripped knee in your jeans, begin by turning the jeans inside out and assessing the extent of the tear. Using scissors or a seam ripper, carefully remove any loose threads around the damaged area. Cut a denim patch slightly larger than the rip, ensuring it covers the torn edges. Place the patch on the inside of the jeans, aligning it with the ripped section, and secure it with pins.

Employ a sewing machine or a sturdy needle and matching thread to stitch around the edges of the patch, creating a reinforced seam. For added character, consider adding extra stitches or embellishments. Trim any excess fabric, turn the jeans right side out, and rock your revamped denim with pride. This quick DIY not only rescues your jeans but also transforms the tear into a unique and stylish statement.

How to Stop Jeans From Ripping Between Thighs?

Preventing jeans from ripping between the thighs can help prolong their life. Here are some tips to minimize wear and tear in this common problem area:

  1. Choose the Right Fit: Ensure your jeans fit comfortably without being overly tight, as friction between the thighs can lead to tears.
  2. Invest in Quality: Opt for high-quality denim that’s less prone to tearing. Look for jeans with reinforced stitching.
  3. Thigh Chafing Solutions: Consider wearing anti-chafing shorts or applying a chafing cream to reduce friction.
  4. Limit Stretchy Fabrics: Jeans with a small percentage of spandex or elastane tend to wear out faster. Choose denim with minimal stretch if durability is a concern.
  5. Rotate Your Jeans: Don’t wear the same pair of jeans every day. Rotate them to give each pair a break.
  6. Proper Care: Follow care instructions, including washing your jeans inside out in cold water and avoiding excessive heat in the dryer.
  7. Timely Repairs: If you notice small tears forming, address them promptly to prevent further damage.

By following these tips and utilizing the repair methods outlined above, you can extend the life of your ripped jeans and continue to rock your stylish look with confidence. Remember that each repair method has its unique charm, so feel free to get creative and make your ripped jeans unique!


Distressed Jeans are very popular nowadays and the trend is very high around. In such cases, you can also end up with some accidentally distressed and ripped holes in jeans. You can fix the ripped jeans that are ripped too much. Just follow these simple tips explained and you are really good to go with.


Can you fix ripped jeans that ripped too much?

Fixing ripped jeans that have ripped too much can be challenging. It may be difficult to restore them. In such cases, it is more practical to repurpose the denim.

How do I stop my ripped jeans from ripping?

Avoid overstretching by choosing the right fit. Reinforce these areas with patches or iron-on denim patches for added durability. Lastly, be cautious during activities that can exacerbate existing tears.

Can ripped jeans be fixed?

Yes, ripped jeans can often be repaired, depending on the extent of the damage. For minor tears and holes, techniques like patching, sewing, or using iron-on patches can effectively mend the jeans.

Is it worth repairing ripped jeans?

Repairing ripped jeans can be worth it, depending on several factors. If the jeans hold sentimental value, are a favorite pair, or are from a premium brand, repairing them can extend their life and save you from replacing them.

Can you fix thigh rips in jeans?

You can fix thigh rips in jeans by stitching and sewing a denim patch in the rips to cover damages.

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