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Best Jeans for Men with No Butt

You can be tall, lean, or fat. It depends and each one of these body types is all okay. You don’t need to worry about any single one of them. For men, all these body types are very common and to be serious, men don’t care about this as much as women do. In all of them, there are some men as well who don’t have big muscles at but and this article: Best Jeans for Men with no Butt, is specifically for those men.

Throughout my career, I have helped many people choose their best pair of jeans and trust me it’s not easy for men as well. Especially for those really special specific demands that they have. For such people, especially for those having slim backs, finding the appropriate jeans is a big task and that is why, I am coming up here with the collection of the best jeans for guys with no bum. 

Men have very hard and fast rules for styling themselves up. Men are expected to wear particular dresses at particular occasions and places. Some of the deciding factors that are necessary to consider while choosing the jeans for men with no but could be: 

  • Fabric Quality
  • Fabric Built 
  • Fitting
  • Color 

Some people prefer relaxed and loose jeans but for men with flat bum, this shouldn’t be a preferred option to wear. You need to dress yourself as per the balance of your body. Baggy jeans can never work here.

Top 07 Jeans for Men with No Butt – 2022

Calvin Klien Skinny Jeans (Best Jeans That Don’t Sag)

Levi’s 541 (Best Jeans For Men With Flat Buttocks)

Wrangler’s 20X Slim Fit (Best Jeans For Men with No Ass)

IZOD Comfort (Best Stretchable Jeans for Men with Large Thighs)

YOYEAH (Best Jeans for Men with Round Butt)

Hiroshi Kato (Slim Fit Jeans for Men With No Butt)

What Type Of Pants For Men With No Butt?

I know it exists. Many people have variations in their body and it’s okay to have variations. Your variations make you look good and bad at the same time. If you are one of those men having no butt, then you should dress accordingly. The biggest mistake that people usually make is that they don’t know what to and how to wear. And once you know, you never get scarce of the available styles. 

What jeans make your bum look bigger? To begin with, here are some of the Best Pant Styles For Men With No Butt:

Casual Pants

Casual Pants are really a great option if you have flat buttocks and want to look good in them. The pants that you have to choose should have a plain front and in cut it should be slim fit. There are numerous brands that are offering these kind of jeans. For example you can check Wrangler 20X Slim Fit Pants.

Dress Pants

Dress Pants a great option if you are also flat and also work somewhere. In these jeans too, you need to select the Plain Front and Slim Fit Pants. Like casual, many brands offer these pants as well. 

Jeans and Only Jeans

Undoubtedly the BEST. The only solution to, I would say, having a perfect fit, perfect styling and comfort, with versatility in wearing options, Jeans are the best Option. I have been wearing jeans and educating people regarding jeans, all around. Famous Brands like Calvin Klein, Wrangler, Levi’s all give you very good options of jeans to choose. Especially if you have no butt, then you should consider Levi’s 541 jeans. as they are the cheap jeans that make your booty look big.

A detailed review of Levi’s 541, along with other jeans for men with no buttocks, is given below. 

Levis 511 Slim Fit Jeans

If you are looking for jeans that are 99% cotton and don’t irritate you in wearing them. The Levis 511 jeans are for you. These jeans are available in different color combinations which is a very plus point for those who wan’t a versatility in colors.

These jeans have a button closure and are low-rise which means they will sit below your waist. What’s the benefit of this? For those, who are shorter in length, these jeans are going to give you the perception of added length.

For men having flat butt / no butt, low-rise jeans help you alot because they make the overall fitting very well and leaves not very extra space for your hips. So you don’t look baggy.

The Cut of jeans is slim fit, that will make it not bag around your legs. Especially these jeans are a perfect fit for those having no butt. Not only that these jeans are slim, but you also can’t say that they will be very tight around your legs. No! they are free and easy enough to let your legs breathe and move you around, easily.

The brand has occupied the market and made itself worthy of being the “best jeans brand”. People trust these jeans all over the world and that is why their ratings are 9.8/10.

Added Benefits and Details

The best benefit of these jeans is that not only they are slim, (to suit your “no butt”) but also stretchable. Because these jeans contain 1% spandex so they won’t disturb you by being very sturdy.

You are never going to get sizing problems. Mostly it happens that the jeans don’t run on the actual size. But Levis, in this case, are very reliable because 95% of the buyers have “nodded yes”, for its “true-to-size” nature.

Pros and Cons of Levis 511 Slim Fit Jeans


  • Machine Washable
  • Stretchable
  • Slim Fit
  • Best for Flat Butt
  • Cons
  • Low rise


  • Some complained for thin fabric

Levis 511 Jeans Actual Images

Hiroshi Kato: Slim Fit Jeans for Men with No Buttocks

You are young and that also translates to being passionate and energetic towards things that you do. Hiroshi Kato Jeans are a premium quality denim that gives you complete ease of movements. These jeans give you absolutely 360-degrees of movement and stretch. 

Japanese are famous for their delicate mastery and fine skills. The same is put into these jeans, while they’re being manufactured. The Hiroshi Kato Jeans are fine quality, and when I say fine, it involves flawless minute working with experienced craftsmen working in great precision. 

 There are several color options available and I think th e vintage blue color is going to be the best one that you need. It has a slim fit cut with tapered fit. Also to mention, these jeans are slim fit but are not very tight that they hinder your movement. As I mentioned this in the very beginning, these jeans are easy for your movements and everything. It has modern slender silhouette. 

Additional Benefits and Details 

As though you can wear the Hiroshi Kato jeans everywhere around, but if talking about the office or official working, still they are the best. Why? Because you are not going to feel tired, stretched, worn out or bored with the very tight fitting as there is no uncomfortable fitting. In fact, you will find them really comfortable in your movements and daily work. 

It gives a very strong and powerful charismatic impression of professionalism in you. They accessories are durable and heavy weight with sturdy appearance overall. 

You can wear these jeans all weather around. It is 14-oz thick and that’s why they are versatile. 4-way stretch fabric makes it soft and pleasant to touch.

Pros and Cons


  1. Modern and elegant look
  2. Durable denim
  3. Fashionable look
  4. Japanese originated product


  1. Inseam lengths are limited, only upto 24’ size available. 

Hiroshi Kato Actual Images

Final Verdict

Hiroshi Kato Slim Fit for Guys with No Butt are the most elegant jeans with a modern trendy look. Not only do they suit you for your casual dressing but also allows you to wear them in your official and professional levels. It is thick, yet comfortable and can be worn around all the seasons. 

Calvin Klien Skinny Fit Jeans: Best Jeans that don’t Sag

If you are skinny and short, both at the same time. You are in a die need of jeans that fit your body properly. Let me tell you why skinny jeans are the perfect jeans for you. They are because these give you the perception of looking long and tall. Apart from that, your overall look becomes more refined and clean. Also, the skinny jeans are currently in trend as well. 

What is the difference between Slim fit and Skinny Jeans?

Calvin Klien Skinny Fit Jeans will give you more confidence and comfort in your body. If you are again someone with no butt, then these jeans are going to help you alot as they fit on your body very properly. You can wear these jeans with multiple no. of options. You can wear them at your birthday, or maybe a nice outing or anywhere else. 

Here is one thing, to keep in mind, that don’t confuse it with very tight fitting jeans. As these are skinny but not VERY tight and that is why, you don’t need to worry about very extra fitting. It’s all balanced. 

And Yes, they are comfortable. Very comfortable to wear. Also they are durable….really durable. As the denim is pretty thick and soft as well. It is made up of 98% cotton and 2% spandex and that is why I say that they are going to fit very comfortably on your body. 

In my opinion, these jeans are the perfect option in the Modern Classic Collection of Jeans. 

Pros and Cons


  • Comfortable wearing
  • Slimming appearance
  • Stylish trendy design
  • Durable Thick Denim
  • Neither too tight nor too lose


  • May get tight on muscular legs.
  • Comfortable but not as much to be

Additional Features and Specifications

  1. Stylish belt loops
  2. Button Closure
  3. Mid-Rise Jeans 
  4. Omega Pocket Top Stitching
  5. 5 Pocket Design.

You have a big variety of colors and designs to choose from. There are more than 27 colors in this category and all of them are very trendy and latest ones. 

Actual Image

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Final Verdict

If you have broad posture from shoulders and neck but have a flat back, these jeans you must consider in your list as these jeans fit very well on your body. These jeans are neither too baggy nor too tight and fit very perfectly on your body. The cut is very good and the leg opening size is slightly more than the skinny ones. It will make your body look slimmer and finally make you look attractive from all angles. 

Levi’s 541 Best Jeans for men with flat Buttocks

Priorities change sometimes and sometimes we have to wear things that are different from our usual normal routine. Sometimes you may need the loose jeans to wear and when you need them, there is no better option than Levi’s 541 Jeans. These are the best jeans which also fit your body properly, even though you have no butt, but they also give extra room to move here and there freely. 

Wearing something comfortable doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to compromise your style and fashion. No! No way. You can still look stunning as well as comfortable, taking everything parallel, together. 

Why Levi’s 541 jeans are best for Guys with No Butt? 

Because they fit very well and they also give enough room to move easily and freely around. They are styling, sleek, perfectly fitting and most importantly comfortable.

Additional Benefits

  1. Tapered Legs
  2. Modern trendy styling
  3. Top Quality highly durable denim 
  4. Extra space around your seat
  5. Proper fitting if you have flat buttocks. 

These jeans sit very properly at your waist and fit very well. They give an overall flattering appearance to your body. There are different colors and you can choose from them, the one that suits you the best. All of the models are quite durable and stretch. 

The model that we are discussing here is specifically the stretchy one.

Pros and Cons


  1. Comfortable in wearing
  2. Flexible and Stretchable
  3. Machine Washable 
  4. Relaxed Wearing and Feel


  1. Shrink as you wash for the first time, so choose the size accordingly. 

Final Verdict

Levi’s 541 are the best comfortable denim that you can have, if you have flat buttocks. These jeans will give you an additional edge in terms of fashion and trendy design while not compromising your overall fitting. They are comfortable around your thighs and seat, while also fits perfectly around your waist. 

Wrangler 20X Slim Fit Jeans For Men with No Ass

Has your teenage gone and you are getting into your ages beyond teenage. What I believe is that, in this age, men prefer comfort and durability over fashion. But what if you find something that stands right in between the triangle of comfort, durability and style. And that jeans is the Wrangler 20x Slim Fit Jeans for Men for having tight mature ass. These jeans are the perfect product with over 3 dozen different models in range. 

Each of that model is itself a model of beauty and have a classic vintage style that never compromises the fashion. These jeans are cowboy style inspired and sit very well on your waist. 

All over that, these jeans are slim fit and give you a very sleek fitting. 

Additional Features and Benefits

The comfortability of these jeans is so much that you will feel like wearing sweatpants. You can move very freely around, doing all your regular movements. It won’t even hinder you while playing some small game, like jumping, or squats. The leg opening size is 17 inches. 

The jeans are made up of 100% cotton and there are multiple blends in it. You can chose the best one accordingly. The jeans is a properly sitting jeans with it’s fabric, which is breathable enough. So in summers, they are never going to make you feel hot. 

Pros and Cons


  1. Comfortable and easy
  2. Vintage Classic Style
  3. Modern Trendy Look
  4. Durable, Stylish and Comfortable. 


  1. Stitching design is different in different models, so select accordingly.

Product Actual Image

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Final Verdict

Wrangler 20X Series are the best versatile jeans that are classic, durable and comfortable, at the same time. These jeans give you a casual look while wearing and have a fashionable cowboy appearance. There are multiple shades and fabric quality, from which you can choose. 

IZOD Comfort Best Stretchable Jeans for Men with Large Thighs

Do you have large muscular thighs? Are you worried and tired of finding the best jeans for yourself? If that’s the case, I should suggest you nothing other than the IZOD comfortable jeans. These jeans give you a very sleek fitting at your legs, especially around your thighs. 

You can be an athlete or any other worker, having big muscles and thighs. Whatever the reason is; you need this perfect pair of jeans to make your thighs fit and bum look good. The style proportion is very accurate but some people, who don’t have muscular thighs, will feel these jeans a bit uncomfortable above and flared at thighs.]

Additional Features and Benefits

  1. 5 Pocket style 
  2. Stretchable Denim
  3. Slightly loose at thighs to fit properly
  4. Mid Rise Waist style
  5. Lightweight denim fabric

Do high waisted jeans make your bum look big? Denim need to be a bit loose around your seat so that they may not hinder your movements. If they are tight, they will hinder your movements and give you a rough kind of tightness around your legs and thighs.

With IZOD Jeans, the benefit for Tall Guys is that their length and skinniness is balanced due to spread and wide legs. 

These jeans are made up of 70% cotton which makes it soft and comfortable in experience and durable in physique.

Pros and Cons


  1. Flexible and Lightweight denim
  2. Multiple Inseam options available. 
  3. Regular Look 
  4. Fits around big thighs and legs


  1. Pockets are very deep
  2. It was better if they had a bit more higher waist. 

Product Actual Image

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Final Verdict

The IZOD Comfortable jeans are the best jeans for those having big thick thighs but no buttocks. These jeans consist of lightweight fabric that is stretchy and also durable, at the same time. The fitting is very perfect and its multiple inseam options will let you choose the best as per your size. 

YOYEAH Best Jeans for Men with Round Butt

And sometimes all that matters is comfort. And at this point, you need something that is purely comfortable in the first place. It’s either your free time to walk out with your friend or maybe having some time with your puppy in the garden or anywhere, you can anytime need these YOYEAH comfortable jeans for you. These jeans are the best jeans for men with round butt and give you the proper fitting that you are desiring for, for so long. 

Not only are they comfortable, they are also very classic in design. They are lightweight and durable at the same time. After all, they are very skin friendly and don’t let you soak in sweat. It is made up of fine quality Asian cotton with 15% of polyester in them that makes them stretchy as well.

Don’t get shocked with the polyester as this is not the drawback, while some of you guys may think of. Polyester along with cotton, lets you feel more comfortable and relaxed. 

These jeans are 4-way flexible. Having a light blue or any other color of your choice, you can have all the squares checked in the list. The jeans give enough of the space around your bottom. If you are looking for best jeans for flat booties, these jeans are going to give you your desired appearance. 

Additional Features and Benefits

All you need is to select your size and your color and that’s it. You are good to go and what else do you need? You are having the comfortability, durability, style and perfect fitting all in the same denim. If you have flat buttocks, or round butt, these jeans are your best companion.  The leg opening size ranges from 15.3 to 19.7 inches. 

Also, there are exceptional size variations (too wide and too long) available for those having small ass long legs, as well.

Pros and Cons


  1. Lightweight denim. 
  2. Stretchable fabric
  3. Comfortable relaxed fitting. 
  4. Easy Sizing and exceptional sizes available
  5. Denim of Asian Cotton and 15% Polyester


  1. Some people complained about it being tight at the waist so select the sizes accordingly.

Actual Images

YOYEAH comfortable jeans

Final Verdict

YOYEAH Relaxed Fit are the classy addition to your wardrobe as they give you that elegant stylish look, that comes with no price of comfort, but in fact goes according to your comfortability and durability. In my opinion, these jeans are the best you can have if you have no or round butt. 

Buying Jeans For Guys With No Butt: Buying Guide

Jeans are the new religion that everyone follows. The global diversion towards jeans is growing at a very fast pace and of course this wave has also engulfed you into it. People love jeans because they are durable and versatile and that’s the reason we addressed this important article: best jeans for flat buttocks men Where there are so many variations in style, there also comes the variation in the body type that wear those jeans. And Guys with no butt or flat buttocks are one of those variations, who find it really difficult to find the best pair of jeans that fit them very well. 

That was the reason I wrote this piece of writing to guide you about the best jeans for men with no bum. You can scroll, and have a look at them and choose the best one that suits you. Or if you are not satisfied with the products that I suggested and want to buy jeans of your own, from some store nearby. There are some tips and factors that you must consider and in this guide, I am going to cover the major of them here. 

So, to begging with, if you are having flat back, your first priority would be to wear something that doesn’t get saggy as you wear them. 

You have to find something in between. That doesn’t sag as well as is not so much tight that it suffocates you. And to find that combination there, you need to work on finding the pair of jeans that neither too tight nor to loose. If you are the one with more waist and spread chest but no bum, then you should consider buying YOYEAH Jeans. 

Similarly, if you are fond of slim fit then there is no better option other than Wrangler 20X. 

What are the best jeans for men?

Selecting a jeans for yourself: the decision depends upon many different factors. Being a man there are several factors that you must consider. If you have a tough working routine and do hard jobs, you must prefer sturdiness. In general, men prefer to have tough wearing so that it suits every situation around. Also, the color that men prefer most is blue denim. Either light or dark, this is the hue that almost everyone loves to have. 

Based upon where to wear, men always prefer jeans that are more practical and functional. Men’s jeans should be versatile in their use. Men’s can literally get into anything while wearing the same jeans all day. Either its gardening, sports, exercise, lunch, coffee, shopping, everywhere, its jeans, jeans and jeans for men. So. in that case, you need to have denim that are: 

  1. Strong 
  2. Flexible Fit
  3. Easy to wear
  4. Universal Color

Men’s jeans, which are versatile in styling, often are loose and have big pockets. If you are tall and skinny, you should consider buying mid or low-rise jeans. Also, if you are someone with no bum, you should consider jeans that are properly fitting and have high-quality fabric. Also, mid to low rise is the rise, you should be considering. 

If you are an athlete, then you may have thick thighs and for that, you need jeans that must suit your body type. They should be wide at your hips and thighs so that you can easily move in them. 

Also Read: Best Jeans for Tall Skinny Guys.

How To Make Your Bum Look Bigger?

This is the concern for many of us and all this depends upon what body type you got. If you have the shape of an inverted triangle, which means your shoulders are wider than your hips, then in that case, you need to wear jeans with big pockets and hanging features around. The more your hips and legs are visible, the more your “actual bum” will be visible and that’s exactly what you wanna hide.

You can also add some accessories and a fancy belts for men with no butt can also help you down in that. Also, a long kind of T-Shirt or V-neck shirt will also be helpful, because they kind of cover your bum and thus the actual bum is not visible.

If you are tall and skinny, still the advice are same that you wear something loose and relaxed which doesn’t give a very strict fitting and thus make your actual body visible.

In case you are short as well as skinny, then you have two things to consider: 1) Your height 2) your bum. And for that, you will go for some stripped T-shirts with vertical strips that will give you the impression of added height. And secondly, you will be wearing pants that are bootcut and low-rise. You can pair up your jeans with some raised boots so that you look with an added length.

How to Find the Perfect Jeans for My Body Type? 

An intelligent approach for find the best jeans for your body type including that for men with no butt; is to first of all consider what are your needs and wants? Do you idealize skinny jeans or loose jeans? If you are fond of wearing skinny jeans, then you are a slim thin guy and if you prefer loose jeans, then you maybe have a bit of muscles (or maybe more) and have good physical body. 

Have a look at this infographic to get a clear understanding of it:

For more detailed information, you can visit this resource: finding the perfect jeans for your body type,

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