How do Kan Can Jeans fit? Kancan Jeans Guide & Review

Kan Can is the most fashionable brand that provides the finest denim with the lowest price as compared to other brands. The name of the brand is originated from the can-can dance. It is a women’s denim brand. Their main focus is on comfort. But they have many styles to grab your attention. Today, we will be discussing all the relevant questions regarding Kan Can jeans including How Do Kan Can Jeans Fit?

Kan Can Jeans Styles

KanCan Jeans Styles

Comfort and style do not go hand in hand, but Kan Can provides you both. Kancan has jeans of several styles which are mentioned below:

  1. Kan Can Girlfriend Jeans: The girlfriend jeans have a midrise and 27.5” inseam. The material of these jeans is approximately 73% cotton, 14% rayon, and 13% polyester and spandex.
Kan Can Girlfriend Jean
  1. Kan Can Mom jeans: you can have the Kancan mom jeans in many colors: dark grey, dark wash, light grey, light wash, and medium wash. For mom’s comfort, these jeans are available in a high and ultra high rise. The Inseam is from 25”-28”. 
Kan Can Mom Jeans
  1. Kan Can Distressed front button Jeans: the denim of these jeans is made up of 73% cotton, 14% royan, 11% polyester, and 2% lycra. It also has a high rise with a 26” inseam.
Kan Can Distressed front button Jeans
Kan Can Distressed front button Jeans
  1. Kan Can Boyfriend Jeans: These are available in 7 different colors that will give you a stunning look.  The length of the inseam is from 25-32. Boyfriend jeans have a mid, high, and ultra high rise. 
Kan Can Boyfriend Jeans
  1. Kan Can Light Color Super Distress: Kancan has light super distressed jeans with a material of 81% cotton and 19% polyester. Such jeans have a high rise and an inseam of 27”.
Kan Can Light Color Super Distress

why are kancan jeans so popular?

Kan Can Jeans are popular among users for their comfort, aesthetics, and high quality. These jeans are super stretchy and flattering from both front and back. They are so comfortable that you can even take a nap in them easily.

Kan Can Jeans Slogan 

Every brand have their slogan around which all of their products revolve. Kan Can Jeans also have this slogan and their brand revolves around 03 things: Comfort, Aesthetics and Quality. 

Are Kan Can Jeans Stretchy? 

Yes, Kan Can Jeans are Super Stretchy and they can fit very properly on your body. Apart from being stretchy they are very soft and comfortable to wear. These jeans are flattering from both front and back, because they are specially made for high rise wearers. So, the fit, stretch and flattering effect ensure that you are covered all over with any of your body bends and moves. 

How do Kan Can Jeans fit?

Kan Can Jeans are very stretchy and thus fit very comfortably. But because they are stretchable, you may need to size down as they may fit a little bit bigger than other jeans in your wardrobe. 

Kan Can Jeans Size Chart

You can use the Kan Can Jeans size chart anytime to check for the perfect size that you have to wear. The size chart is available everywhere, but if you don’t have it; I have redesigned it for you here:

How do Kancan Jeans fit?
Kan Can Jeans Size Chart

How do KanCan jeans fit compared to Judy Blue jeans?

Both Judy Blue and Kan Can are amazing brands and the sizing of both of them is very perfect. Both have an adequate amount of stretch possibility in them and so they fit every woman quite perfectly. Kan Can Jeans can run a bit bigger on you because they will stretch out. So, you should prefer one size down with Kan Can Jeans. Else, everything is perfect. 

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How do KanCan mom jeans fit?

Kan Can Mom Jeans fit very well as they are high rise jeans and rest at the natural waist. The are properly fit across the hips and are slightly tapered. Most of the Kan Can Mom Jeans are made up of 100% cotton. For more details refer to this size chart:

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How Do Kan Can boyfriend Jeans fit?

Kan Can boyfriend jeans run a bit big. If you want your boyfriend jeans to be fit, so it would be better to buy one or two size down than your actual size. My size is 30 but I buy 29 size. After a wash, it becomes exactly according to my size.

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KanCan Jeans FAQs

Do Kan Can jeans shrink?

Usually jeans do shrink but in case of Kan Can Jeans, they don’t shrink much, only just a chunk of inch. Even though they don’t shrink much, but still there are some ways by which you can shrink the Kan Can Jeans. 

How do you shrink Kan Can jeans?

Method: Heat some water in a large pot and put your Kan Can jeans in there. (make sure they are completely submerged in water) and then leave them to boil for about 20 to 30 minutes. After this, drain them to make them wet and leave them under direct sunshine or under high heat, to dry them up.

Do Kan Can jeans hold their shape?

The material of the Kan can jeans is very stretchy. Usually, they do not hold their shape after one or two wash. But that could be a plus point for curvy ladies. Yes, Kan can jeans will always fit on your skin. It will hide all your curves. Especially below the thighs because these are baggy around the knees. You can maintain their shape to some extent by washing them carefully. 

How do you wash Kan Can jeans?

Jeans can remain new if you dry-clean them. But spending too much on dry cleaning is a waste. So you can hand wash your jeans to maintain their shape. If you do not have time for this then wash them in the machine and use hot water. But make sure never to squeeze your jeans. It only distresses the threads.

Do Kan can jeans run true to size?

Kan can jeans are so comfortable and stretchy that they sometimes run large after wearing them. So don’t hesitate to buy a size down. They would be a little bigger than the other jeans in your wardrobe. But that would not stop you from buying such stylish and comfy denim. 

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In conclusion, one thing is very clear: Kan Can Jeans are super stretchable and comfortable. and because of their stretchability, you should go for one size down, as the stretch is going to fit the jeans in any way.

Apart from that, there are several styling options available in Kan Can jeans and you can wear them, referring to the Kan Can Jeans size chart first, if you are looking for getting the best fit.

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